The Firm


Cerutti & Partners, with its headquarters in Milan and offices in Rome and Madrid, is a law firm which specializes in advising and consulting companies in both the litigious and commercial fields.

The firm, founded by Mr. Massimo Cerutti, features among its staff highly skilled professionals who use their experience to advise its clients in all aspects of  commercial, company, international, bankruptcy and labour law.

The firm’s professionals are carefully selected to provide the services which the firm offers, and to address the specific requirements of our clients so that they can become a constant hands on and vital reference point throughout the work they are doing.

Cerutti & Partners, collaborating regularly with mother-tongue professionals, is able to carry out the dossiers in Italian, English and Spanish.

Within the web site, we have included an area for clients use only, to which the clients can log in with a user name and password, at any moment they wish to, from whichever workstation, within or outside their own premises.

Inside this private area, each client will be able to obtain information concerning their dossiers, to check their status, to see the work carried out and to download deeds and documents of major interest.